GET BALL JARS NOW (cheap, too!)

I’m very excited right now!

I have just ordered a case (12) of 32 oz. Mason/Ball jars and a case (12) of 16 oz. Mason/Ball jars directly from the company,

as well as replacement “dome lids” and, also, non-bisphenol plastic storage lids.  I am over the moon! (two ways, actually… I am very excited, and, too, this is the first time I have really known how to, and felt the need to , that idiom, which I have seen around for a while)

My ordering experience was initially a little scary… I ordered on-line, entered all of my information, and then, instead of going to an order confirmation screen, I got a “thank you for ordering” screen, so I had no opportunity to review my order, or see how seriously the shipping was going to affect my grocery bill.  I got on the phone and called Ball’s 800 number and told them what had happened, and they took my order over the phone and promised me that they would not send me twice as much as what I wanted.  The rep I talked to was very sweet and agreed to talk slowly, as our connection was poor to the point that I could barely hear her.  (Wow! Makes you just love dealing with Americans!)

The happiest part of my experience was that the shipping did not add $100 to my order (you worry when you are ordering things like glass jars, which are not known for their light weight)  It ended up being only about $8.00, although I had ordered two cases (x12 each) of jars, plus miscellaneous other items. (I must say, I wanted to order a skirt online from last night, and they wanted @$20 for regular shipping, and I suddenly did not need that skirt – and it was not glass!)

I instinctively now love this company big-time.

Since I live in New York City, which poo-poos stores like Walmart, there are very very few stores where you can get canning jars.  I found some in December, in Michael’s, but, even with the shipping, my new jars are going to cost less than the $2plus price of the 16 oz jars I got in Michaels when I was desperate.

Meanwhile, I am going to use several of the jars for making pickles, sauerkraut, etc. and some of them for storage, so I can get away from my room-mate’s 1-qt.plastic yogurt containers.


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