Okay, I like to watch Dr. Oz. (I did not think I would, especially after my Turkish students kept telling me “Oh, he is Turkish”, but I finally watched his show, just to make sure I did not like him, and I found out that he is pretty likeable.  He is American (okay, his parents came here from Turkey, and they named him a Turkish name, but Dr. Oz comes across as about as American as they come, and that is a plus in my book.  His audiences are mostly women, and he knows how to talk to American women, i.e., he is an American guy.)

So, anyway, today, while I was working on THE NEXT BOOK,  I tuned in to Dr. Oz, and, lo and behold, he was talking about something I want to know more about – bone density and bone loss.

Being a normal human, I heard what I want to hear:

CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS: yes, you should take them, but you should get calcium supplements that are combined with Vitamin D (actually, in my ND training, I learned that you should take a combo calcium/vitamin D/magnesium supplement)

VITAMIN K2 helps prevent bone loss…. Now here is the kicker!  It is found in fermented foods (awwww! Dr. Oz, you could not have found a better way to endear yourself to me)  We all know that I am so into fermented nut cheeses, and sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables.  I am putting Vitamin K2 on my list of things I must eat (so I don’t have to add anything… I am addicted to sauerkraut and I love my raw vegan seed cheeses….  !!!)



  1. Hello, the calcium supplement I take is a liquid calcium orotate. One ounce contains 1200 mg calcium, 600 mg magnesium, 800IU Vit D, 650mg of Omega 3 (flaxseed oil) etc.etc. This supplement is highly absorbable and easy to take. All the more important when getting someone to start taking a supplement. Most other calcium tablets look like horse suppositories LOL and who wants to swallow those?


    It is best to have a calcium, Vit. D, magnesium supplement all in one. If you do not like horse pills, how about cutting them up?
    You can also get liquid Cal/Mag/VitD supplements (do read the ingredients and decide if they work for you)

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