I want to go to Toronto. I’ve just gotten my passport (before, I only needed my driver’s license, but now….)  so I am set.  Now I need to know how to get there.  I am on a limited time, so I think I will probably have to fly.  How many airports are there into Toronto?  Which is the closest into the city?  (I will be flying close to broke, so the closest -with best bus service – would be best.)

Please help.  I would like to visit a foreign land where they speak English (been all around the world, where I had no clue what they were saying), and I would like to come back home the next day, or the day after, if possible, and, if I must stay overnight, I would like to do so cheapest or free.  I have never been to Canada, and I would so like to go there, but I have little time, so I have chosen Toronto.

I am hoping that there will be at least one   (raw food restauran in Toronto for me to visit.  Beyond that, I would like to visit Toronto and see as much as I can see in 8 -12 hours. (yes, I know that that is horrifyingly unfair, but I am putting a minimum limit, which might be based on air fares or lodgings, which might let me see at least a few things in Toronto.

gosh! I wish I could spend more time, but…. I will be on vacation, and most of my vacation money will be headed toward a family reunion in Virginia.  I have the first three days available to go see Toronto.  I really want to do that.

After I figure out the airport, then I have to figure out where to stay overnight.  I am hoping there is a hostel, or else this is all a bust.

Welcome to my May travel plans.  This is the first time since I have had a real job that I have ever tried to arrange an international trip. (when you don’t work for anybody, you can go where you want to go, as long as you can come up with the money.  When you work for a living, you have to work things out with your boss, and then you have to figure out where the money is coming from)  I can probably manage the flight and a cheap hostel,but I
REALLY REALLY want to go to Toronto. (would you like to host me? )


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