Last night, I went to the Raw Pathways monthly meet-up.  I really, really like Bebe and her husband Daryn, so I couldn’t stay away even if Brad Pitt called.  I enjoy Bebe’s meet-ups because she is such a doll, and she is excellent at starting up conversations among shy people. (I’m not shy around her because I already know her, but other people are often shy, and Bebe has the gift of being able to draw them out)  Every time I go to one of Bebe’s Raw Pathway meet-ups, I always enjoy the lively conversation.

CUT TO THE CHASE… The last time I talked to Bebe, I mentioned the book I was working on… at that time,  I thought that the book would be finished by the end of October. .. Suffice it to say that the Universe intervened and this happened, then that happened (not my life! my computer!), and I did not realize that I could finish the book without major technical help until New Year’s Eve! (what a swell way to begin the New Year!)  So… I had good news to tell Bebe, and I mentioned that I was wavering between doing an 8-1/2 by 11″ size or a 5-1/2 by 8″ size.  Bebe gave me her take on recipe book sizes in her own home, and, since I know that, as a raw food teacher, she probably has at least as many books as I do, her suggestion that I go for the larger size format, along with the “why”, was very important for me.   Folks, it is going to be an 8-1/2 x 11″ book.
Thank you, Bebe!

The moral of my story is: do make an effort to meet other raw food people and talk to them.  When you have ideas, don’t play coy — just throw them out there, and see what the other people say.  If you are planning on selling something,  it is always useful to know what other people say they want.


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