Dang! You think you are getting ahead, and then tragedy strikes!  My VitaMix has died.  One day last week, when I had gone into the kitchen to get a glass of water (across the kitchen from the VitaMix), I heard an awful clatter behind me. Somehow my VitaMix had turned itself on (the on-off mechanism had been weird for a couple of years).  Bad juju… when I had put it back after washing it, I had let the lid plug fall into the canister, so it was clattering all around. I finally got it turned off.

Tonight, I wanted to make some coconut milk and loaded up the canister, only to just hear a nasty hummm.  My VitaMix has died.  Of course, the warranty expired last year.  The VitaMix site clearly warns against running the machine with the lid plug in the canister.  It doesn’t say anything about keeping the machine from turning itself on.

Checking the VitaMix site further, I see that they will repair my VitaMix base for just under $100 ( but, with my luck, the shipping is going to be terrifying).  That is still cheaper than a new one or one on ebay.

There goes my dream of getting a Cuisinart any time soon.

What am I going to do in the meantime?

At least, I still have the  1976 vintage Champion, and the 10-year-old bargain food processor is still working away (although it throws food onto the floor every time I use it)

Take a deep breath.


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