HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Here’s what I have been up to!

Happy New Year!

I am very excited right now because I have located the files for two of the books I was working on (and had almost finished)!  I had thought they were sealed up forever and lost on my computer that died a few month ago, but, with some time off, and some careful sleuthing, I have located them and gotten to work on finishing up at least one of those books!  Hurray!  It is going to be a good year! I just know it is, especially since it is starting off so well.

I’ve just checked and seen that my CSA delivery will come on Thursday.  Cool!  I need food, and I am always curious to see what will be in the box.  Just in time!  Yippee!  I will go to the farm website on Tuesday to see what they plan to deliver.  I know there will be apples and apple cider, and I can’t wait!

Today, I have been updating the blog with two new pages: a listing of New York City raw restaurants, and, also, a listing of foods which should only be used if organic.  I’ve been busy!


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