FOOD INC. See this movie

This is one of my raw (oops! I mean rare!) forays into political comment. Read at your own risk!

Oh doom and gloom!

Do yourself a favor and see the movie “Food Inc.”

but eat at least 4 hours before you see this movie.

I’ve steadfastly avoided documentaries, to the point that I sometimes have to stop and remember how to spell the word, for more than 30 years.  I stayed happy and only once in a while heard the dire warnings of doom, which I could shut away in the far recesses of the darkest closets of my mind.

I just had to watch Food Inc., didn’t I? It kept coming up in conversations or being mentioned on-line, but no one would say what they had seen.  I know now.  It was too horrid.

I can’t even look at a cauliflower or a bunch of kale in the supermarket anymore. I’m going to be limited to whatever I can find in the farmer’s market, and whatever comes in my CSA box.

This documentary has simply made me too sick to be able to eat anything that has been on a truck for more than 2 hours (okay, if there is a traffic jam, I’ll let it be on there a bit longer).  I don’t want to buy any wheat or corn products, nor any processed foods.  For sure, I will never even entertain a fantasy of eating meat of any sort.

Okay, okay! I was fascinated by the description of how McDonald’s was created and developed into such a huge business. I am open-minded enough to understand that the original McDonald’s brothers, and Ray Kroc, the man who carried on their legacy and grew the company, only created a product that consumers wanted, and that they could not have been successful had the consumers not been there in long lines to purchase the products.

Yes, yes, I know that it is popular to hate McDonald’s, but we cannot really do thatwhat we have to despise is the people who make it possible for McDonald’s to be the power it is: the lines of customers in there daily, buying the products.  They are who is at fault. (The only problem there is that they are your family and friends and neighbors… even foreigners who *say* they don’t like McDonalds can be found in there when they are low on cash, hungry, and think no one is looking – their only other choices are the cakes, cookies, and donuts they eat in their countries to stave off hunger… Stop it!  I live in New York City! I see foreigners all over the place I live with one, and I have many foreign friends from many different countries, as well, and I see what they eat most of the time… there is not one culture on this earth that eats a healthier diet than the average American, and it is not because of our influence… do you know that all Japanese food, which we Americans commonly laud as very healthful, is laden with sugar… and do you know that they call food with sugar in it “mother’s taste”?  Ask a Japanese person to show you the word for sugar, and go into a Japanese store and look at the products’ *ingredients* listings. When I took a Chinese cooking class, where most of the attendees were Chinese, we were each given three bowls to start cooking: one each of oil, soy sauce, and SUGAR.  To believe that other people have healthierr diets is to have succumbed to weird propaganda, and to insist on maintaining romantic stereotypical fantasies about exotic cultures.  Nuff said.)

The way I figure it, the people who spend so much of their time hating McDonald’s are not really looking at reality, are envious of people who make a lot of money ,and are probably buying at McDonald’s or Burger King, or Wendy’s or KFC, anyway.

Such people feel out of control of their own lives, I think.  I mean, if you are in control of your own life, do you really need to spend time worrying about McDonalds? They do not control you.  They cannot force you to eat their food. You go in there, if you do, entirely voluntarily. The food they serve is healthy (100% beef, lettuce, onion, tomato..what’s wrong with that.)

I surely hope that no vegetarians or vegans are wasting their time hating McDonald’s… I mean, why would you waste your time thinking about food sources you do not need If vegetarians are worrying about McDonald’s, I think they are just as bad as those people who want me to join  their religion or else they will kill me.

Surely vegetarians harbor fantasies of becoming rich, of developing something that everyone wants. If for only this reason, we cannot condemn McDonalds.

I don’t purchase processed foods, but many do.  Are you familiar with Worthington, a vegetarian company, started by and for Seventh Day Adventists, which produces “mock-meats”, or its subsidiary, Loma Linda, which produces the same sort of products?  Perhaps you know of Morningstar Farms, a product you can find in your local supermarket, which Worthington Loma Linda started up to market to the general public when 60s and 70s vegetarians grew up and started shopping in their local supermarkets.  Do you know that these companies are now owned by Kellogg’s? (oh, and did you know that Kellogg’s, itself, was originally started as a health food?)

Thanks to Food Inc., right now I am afraid of almost every packaged product (I like Zukay salad dressings, but it is probably only a matter of time until the nice people who produce them sell out to some large corporation, and then retire millionaires – and I won’t blame them one whit!)

Do yourself a favor and see Food Inc. (I got it from Movies on Demand on Time Warner)


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