I have always gone back to recipes for popular omnivore foods to get inspiration for raw recipes.  Recently, I’ve started smelling bad smells, or experiencing nausea, when I read recipes that have non-vegan ingredients.  Interesting.

To be sure, I do know that I have always been able to smell things that were not good for me – my family never realized I was extremely allergic to milk but I always complained that it smelled bad. Once I left home and no longer had to drink or eat things with milk in them, a number of my long-term illnesses disappeared. This has been a lesson to me – things that smell or taste bad to me (regardless of how many people think they are the bee’s knees) are things I am allergic to, and I avoid them like the plague.  I do extrapolate to things that sound like they would smell bad to me (okay, so I miss some foreign foods – I would rather err on the side of safety. I still experiment plenty with foreign foods).   This is also how I found out that I am allergic to mango (yeah!).

When I had good  health insurance and paid sick days, when I found something that smelled bad or tasted bad, I put it on a list, and, when I had a list of 10 or so things, I took it to the doctor and got tested… it never failed.  I always turned out to be allergic to those things.

I trust my body now (it is cheaper).  If it smells un-good, or if it tastes un-good, I know it is not good for me.  I do not try to eat it again.

I opened the door at a Wendy’s the other day. I didn’t even go in (I was thinking about getting a salad — yeah, I know, not organic), because the smell of cooked meat turned my stomach.


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