I got two heads of cabbage last Monday and started a batch of sauerkraut on Tuesday night..

This time, in addition to the basic recipe , I added two capsules of acidophilus (I use New Chapter– I usually use powder, but I decided to measure by capules this time).

I also also added two serrano peppers, sliced.

To make it up, I first grated the two heads of cabbage in the food processor.   I placed the grated cabbage and the thinly sliced serrano peppers  in a large bowl and added one T sea salt, tossed it all well, then massaged the cabbage/serrano pepper mix  until it began to release juice.  I continued to massage until it was very juicy.

Then, I placed all of the cabbage/serrano pepper mix in a 2 qt. jar (I used the funnel from my Champion juicer (it has a wide mouth).  Once all of the mix was in the jar, I pushed it down with my fist a few times to make the juice come out more.  Then I emptied the acidophilus caps into 1/4 C spring water and mixed it up, poured that into the jar, and poured in enough water to bring the level up to 1 inch from the top of the jar, I lidded the jar (it was a Mason jar with the two part “dome” lid) , and set it aside, in a bowl, to catch the juices which would escape.

I had to pour off the juices after a day or so, because they were attracting fruit flies.

This evening, after four days, I opened the jar.  Wow!
The sauerkraut exploded out of it (I lost about 1/8 C) — I will wear a bib apron when I open my sauerkraut from here on in!)….  I tasted the sauerkraut tentatively, and found that it was so tasty that I had to eat a bowlful right away!

This is the recipe I will use from here on in!  Yumm!


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