PICKLE PROCESS – Jars: where do you get them in New York City?

I have had a dickens of a time finding Ball/Mason jars to use for my pickling projects.  I mean, I don’t buy that many packaged foods (like not any most months), so glass jars don’t come into my home on any kind of a regular basis. In most places I have visited, Ball jars are for sale at hardware stores or at Walmart.  Here the hardware stores have hardware, and we don’t have Walmart in New York City (stupid New York City political issues).  I did find some Ball jars at Michael’s today (I think they think I am supposed to use them for candles or something).

After Christmas, I am going to order jars directly from Ball.  The prices are good, but you have to order a case, which can be up to 12 jars.  (I don’t care!  I will pickle!!!!)  Even with shipping it still comes out a little less than tacking down the jars at Michael’s (they did not even have a dozen of either of the two sizes they carried)  The jars I order will free up my 2 qt. jars for rejuvelac and allow me to make sauerkraut in more manageable amounts, and experiment with different flavors more easily.  I will also be able to get some smaller jars to give away sauerkraut and pickles to those who ask.  (I expect I will also be able to use the smaller jars I want to get for making and keeping fermented cheezes)


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