I’ve just opened one of the jars of pickles…. it was still bubbling… so cute!  When I bit into onea pickle, it was wonderful!  It was a dill pickle, and it was a dill pickle that I had made myself!  Yumm!

I should mention that I haven’t eaten a pickle in years… they just did not fit into my diet (and I wouldn’t, anyway, because I don’t like the ingredients listed).  I had a pickle from Gus’s Pickles on the Lower East Side about 20 years ago. It was a half sour, and it was made from a raw cucumber.

I haven’t tried the Brussels sprout pickles or the second jar of Kirbys (different flavor), but I will later tonight.

The only thing I did not like about these pickles was the dill weed… it clings to the pickles. Now I understand why people use dill seed.

Next time I make cucumber pickles, I am going to try to get them crunchier — perhaps it is that they need a shorter pickling time (these have been going for @5 days).  The texture of these pickles is about the same as that of a supermarket pickle from a jar.


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