11/23/09 CSA Distribution: What they said and what we got

Today was the last CSA distribution for the season (gosh! I’ll have Thursdays “off” for a while).

The distribution was moved to a place quite a bit away from my apartment, so I had to take a bus over there. (Interestingly, when I was getting on the bus, I saw a guy I have seen at the CSA pick-ups getting off the bus, so I tried to tell him that the pick-up was not in the usual place, but his English apparently wasn’t good enough for him to understand, and he just growled “What you talk about?” and I had to get on the bus.  Another reason why people should go to English school.  Another New York experience.)

The pickup was in a neighborhood I don’t often get to. I was surprised to see so many Thai restaurants on that street, and the place where the pick-up was was a cute little bar/restaurant – our pickup was in what looked to be their “outdoor garden” and felt like “their refrigerator” (it was coooooold!).  Still, it was nice that they had agreed to host us, since the community center was closed today.  Actually, with the situation as it was, I found the environment much friendlier than usual. I guess the stress of being in a new place made people more chatty.  It was nice.

My box had:

sweet potatoes, a savoy cabbage, a bag of potatoes, a big daikon, a big rutabaga, 5 carrots, a watermelon radish, two large heads of broccoli, and a small butternut squash

I traded the potatoes for a huge daikon, and then I found another member who was willing to trade her kale for my broccoli…

It’s Thanksgiving time: the sweet  potatoes have a name in my house, but I am thinking I might try another recipe.  I am going to make kale chips.  The Savoy cabbage will go to sauerkraut (wonder how it will be different?), and the rutabaga, watermelon radish, and a good part of the daikon will go to the pickle jar.



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