11/12/09 CSA SHARE: What we got

First, I have to say that I am thrilled to have gotten one of the winter shares, with add-ons of apple cider and apples (they always say it is going to be a lottery, and I always stress out over that.. will I be in, or not? Personally, I think that people who were in the winter share the previous year should have first dibs, same as it goes with the spring/summer/fall shares) So thrilled was I that I sent off my payment as soon as I learned I was in!

We got, for the most part, what they said we would (they said a Japanese salad turnips, but I got 1 bun. bokchoy)  Here is how it worked out – what I got, and what I traded for.

Potatoes – yellow – 2 lbs
Watermelon Radish – 2 pcs
Boston Lettuce – 1 hd………………traded for 2 watermelon radishes
Escarole – 1 hd…………………………traded for 1 butternut squash
Radicchio – 1 hd
Japanese Salad Turnips – 1 bun..bok choy – 1 bun
Butternut Squash – 1pc
Broccoli – 1 pc…………………………traded for 1 bun. cilantro
Cilantro – 1 bun

I’m happy. I love squash.  I always donate my potatoes – I’ve been told that some people call me “the potato lady”.   Someone suggested using bok choy for wraps, so I’ll try that this week.  I expect I’ll use the radicchio for wraps as well. (If that works out, I’ll post my recipe.)  Some of the cilantro went into dinner last night, and the rest went into the dehydrator.

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