NEW SAUERKRAUT NEWS: not bad at all!

I mentioned the new sauerkraut I was making… it’s done!

It is a little saltier than I would like, but the acid test (giving it to my room-mate) worked well, i.e., she liked it.

This batch was much softer than the first batch: I am thinking it is because the cabbage was grated so fine when I was trying to slice it with the food processor. I like soft, but I will not be using that grating blade again (I almost amputated a finger when I went to take it out of the dish rack).  I like soft, but, then again, maybe the soft came from the addition of the acidophilus.

I have more cabbage, so I want to start more sauerkraut – the plain is gone, anyway, and the garlic/chili powder one, which is reminiscent of kimchee,  is half-way gone.  I decanted the “kimchee” flavored one into a smaller jar, and layered it with the new salty sauerkraut, mashing it down to mix it.  That came out instantly good, according to my room-mate. I liked it, too.  It goes to the fridge.

With the next batch, I am going to control the salt more, since I will be using the acidophilus. I am also considering making a small batch with the Zukay salad dressing as the acidophilus addition… I think it would have an interesting flavor.

Stay tuned.


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