Tonight I started a new jar of sauerkraut with 2 heads of cabbage. I could not find my recipe and the Internet was down,  so I guessed.  I had read an account on Sunny Raw website, where she said to chop the cabbage in the food processor.  I did that, but I am not really happy about it… the cabbage pieces came out as small as when I make “no chew” cole slaw, i.e. very fine.

Oh well… then I added two T sea salt to the first head of cabbage — it juiced up really fast, and I added one heaping T sea salt to the second head of cabbage which came out so fine I did not even massage it — I just mashed it into the jar.  I also added about a T of acidophilus to this batch.    I am curious to see how it turns out in 7 days.

Stay tuned.


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