SAUERKRAUT RECIPE: it worked for me!

Here is the sauerkraut recipe that I used.  It is based on a recipe  from Truly Cultured by Nancy Lee Bentley.

1 med size head cabbage

2 T sea salt

Spring water or purified water

  • Shred cabbage in food processor (or with mandoline, or by finely slicing with a sharp knife).
  • Place cabbage and salt in a large bowl.
  • With hands, massage cabbage until “juice” flows freely (about 2-5 minutes – the longer you massage, the softer the sauerkraut will be).  Alternatively, beat cabbage with a wooden mallet until thoroughly bruised.
  • Place massaged/bruised cabbage and juice in a 1-quart mason jar. Pack cabbage down until juices flow.
  • Add spring water, or purified water, to fully cover cabbage, leaving 1 inch space between top of liquid and top of jar
  • Tightly screw on mason jar lid.
  • Place jar in a room temperature place away from sunlight.  Allow to sit 3-7 days. (Taste test after 3 days, until desired taste is reached.
  • Refrigerate sauerkraut up to 6 mos.

I filled one 2 – qt jar made with this recipe (actually, I cut a 10-lb cabbage in half and then in fourths).

I covered the jar with the mason jar lid screwed on tight.


I mixed 1/4 of the remaining cabbage with 1 T ancho chile powder and 1 T garlic powder.

I covered this jar with with a piece of plastic and the mason jar lid ring.

After  6 days, I opened the jars to get the sauerkraut.





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