I had been wanting to experiment with making sauerkraut for a while, and then I found that huge cabbage at the green market last Monday.  I bought some sea salt on Tuesday (the pound of sea salt that I had bought in 2000 had finally run out), and I set about making the sauerkraut on Tuesday night.  I was very excited.  I filled one 2-quart jar with plain cabbage, and half-way filled a second 2-quart jar with cabbage mixed with ancho pepper powder and garlic powder.

Then, on Thursday evening, my spirits were dampened a bit when a woman at the CSA pick-up told me that sauerkraut usually gets moldy and fails.  She also told me that the three days my recipe had recommended was not enough.

I ended up leaving the sauerkraut until tonight– I guess that is 6 days.  I opened it and !!!!there was no mold!!!!!  Interestingly, the plain sauerkraut is rather crunchy, while the pepper sauerkraut is more like the sauerkraut you can buy.  I like the pepper one better, but I guess I will have to eat the other one, too.  The recipe says it will keep for 3 months in the refrigerator.  It sounds like I am going to have to eat sauerkraut every day for a while.  Right now, I am thinking that, the next time, I will just use a small cabbage.


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