10/29/09 CSA SHARE: What we got



Lettuce Mix – 1/4 lb. bag

Baby Salad Turnips – 1 bun

Carrots – 1 bun

Kohlrabi – 1-3 pcs

Kohlrabi – 2 pcs

Leeks – 2 pcs

Cilantro – 1 bun

Green Kale – 1 bun

Baby Salad Turnips – 1 bun

Baby Bok Choi – 1 bun

Kale – 1 bun

Apples and Pears – 1 bag


Everyone seemed to be giving up their kale.  The trade box was full of beautiful green leafy bunches!  Some people even dropped their kale in the box without taking a trade!  Turnips were also unpopular.  Happy with my second bunch, I only saw one other person take turnips; a Japanese fellow waxed ecstatic over the idea of turnips in miso soup.


GREEN TOMATOES: I have no clue yet what I am going to do with those green tomatoes.  Maybe some sort of chow chow?

CARROTS: Juice is the only way I like carrots.

TURNIPS: I expect I will make my usual marinated turnip recipe, but I think I will take one bunch of these pretty  turnips to experiment with making pickled turnips.

KALE: More kale chips – yum!  I will probably also make one dose of marinated kale.

CILANTRO: I  love cilantro fresh, but I will probably dehydrate most of it so I can love it longer.

LEEKS: I usually just thinly slice leeks and use them like onions.

KOHLRABI: This will become ravioli with the smokey jalapeno cheez I made earlier in the week.

APPLES & PEARS: I made apple juice and a big bowl of apple sauce  (the pulp from the juice) for dinner last night.


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