CHEEZ PLEEZ: I’m aging a cheez!

I’m aging a cheez!  Don’t gasp! It is not like what is happening to the corners of your eyes! Aging is the same as fermenting, and it only takes a day or so!  You can do it in the privacy of your own home!

I’ve just tried out the Dr. Cow Aged Cashew Cheeze with Brazil Nuts, and I KNOW I can do better! (yea!!!! I won’t have to pay so much money, and I can control all the variables, including attitude and care).

Last night I made a quickie cheez – I call it smoked jalapeno cashew cheez.   Tonight, I added some Zukay salad dressing (it is made with live cultures, and it is raw, so it is my “lazy” way to culture things — got the idea from the horse’s mouth, actually, when I was talking with the people behind Zukay — I mean, I could use acidophilus, and I have some in my kitchen, but… I have this wonderful live cultured salad dressing with a good taste, and, so, well…)

The instant cheez is really good, but its shelf life (refrigerator life is only about 3 days. No way I could eat that much in that short a time.  Adding the acidophilus culture dressing gives an added flavor, but makes my original cheez a bit gooey, so, I am draining it , in the same way you do with many cheezes, wrapped in cheesecloth and draining through a wire mesh basket.

It will be yummy!  Tune in tomorrow for more news!


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