A GOOD DAY: Adventure!

After my visit to the doctor today, I found myself traveling through Manhattan, and decided to hop off the train and go to Integral Yoga Foods, which was “sort of” just one block away from the station (I say it that way because, although  the street numbers add up, I found myself wandering around on streets with very lovely, very expensive stuff – how to get back there on purpose?  Ah! The joys of trying to go a new way in New York City! Always an adventure!) It ended up taking me about 15 minutes in the rain to find my true destination, but… oh! the beautiful things I saw in the shop windows! )

Anyway, I wanted to get salt to make sauerkraut (I am not a salt person, so I barely noticed two months ago when I ran out of the original 1-lb. supply of sea salt I had bought 9 years ago. Knowing that I wanted to make sauerkraut, I had to buy some salt. Interestingly, the “no-name” Celtic sea salt was more expensive than the “French” Celtic sea salt which had a brand name. Hmn! So, DUH! I bought the chic French stuff. How do you say sauerkraut in Francais?  I will make chic designer expensive-sounding sauerkraut. (if my sauerkraut doesn’t turn out, you can bet I will blame the French! )

Unfortunately, this girl, in a natural foods store, cannot come away with just one item! A quick survey of the cash I had to my name showed me that I actually had $20, so, of course, I went on a spending spree. The salt was $4.00.  But then I found that Dr. Cow seems to have lowered the price on their cashew cheez , so I decided I could afford a $6.99 (down from the $8.99 I paid once to check the stuff out!) cashew/Brazil nut cheez. (YUM!), and I decided that this was the time to try the PARMA raw “parmesan” cheez powder (I am not really sure about this stuff, to tell you the truth.    .  I came away with $4.00 in change, $2 of which I spent on spring water for the sauerkraut.

Such a good experience! Even in my nearly broke condition, I came out with what I went in for, and two exciting treasures as well!


One response to “A GOOD DAY: Adventure!

  1. Hi great post.. sauerkraut is very healthy. There’s actually a company that makes an amazing Sauerkraut using only organic cabbage and Celtic Sea Salt as the ingredients.

    Also, I thought you should know that there is only one Celtic Sea Salt.. it is actually a brand, not a type of salt. Although there are other types of grey French sea salt, only Celtic Sea Salt does a yearly mineral analysis to make sure they deliver the healthiest sea salt.

    If you would, please hyperlink http://www.CelticSeaSalt.com any time Celtic Sea Salt is mentioned as it is a brand and there is only one.

    Look forward to more of your food adventures and best of luck with the sauerkraut.

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