Okay, this is not food, but, at least as important as food (more important, if you are like me), are hot shoes and boots. Since lots of people know me, and I show up around town, I simply cannot walk into a raw meet-up wearing the skin of dead cows on my feet (never mind that it flies in the face of my ethics and my politics).

While I was on vacation, my mom and I went shopping.  Mom wanted to stop in at the Nine West store, so we did.  I saw all kinds of really cute shoes, and I fell in love with a pair of boots, which they accidentally had in my size. I tried them on. They were perfect — they actually came all the way up  to my knee cap!)  I went to turn the top down as a cuff, but noticed that there was printing there, so, I read it –SURPRISE!!! These boots had “synthetic uppers” and “manmade soles”. Why the difference in description, I wonder.  Does “synthetic” sound more expensive?  Whatever… I had my hands on a pair of fashionable vegan boots that are only distinguishable from dead cow products if you sniff them closely!  They do not look cheap, and yet they can brave a ferocious New York City rainstorm complete with heavy flooding in the streets – I can walk through water (not the same, I know, as walking *on* water, but it *is* an improvement to 10 foot detours at flooded corners)  Those of you who come from “must drive a car” places, think how a monster truck, or a hummer, can go through a flooded area with nary a sputter — this is a very very similar advantage.  Add to that the ability to wear these “rain/snow boots” at work, rather than having to carry a pair of shoes to change into at work.

Once I discovered that the boots I lusted for were boots I could wear with no qualms, I started looking at the other shoes in the store.  I was surprised at how many styles were vegan. Does Nine West have a vegan president or something?  Whatever.. there are some intense cute vegan shoes at your local Nine West store.

For more vegan shoe choices, check out my vegan shoe page


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