I’m Finally Back Online!!!

Got a working computer – many thanks to a long-lost old friend– and I’m back from vacation.  (only problem is I still haven’t gotten the old computer running yet–$$$– so I cannot access all the nice recipes I left on my desktop there)… Never  mind!!

Sad news! Our CSA farm lost the tomato crop, so we did not get all of our tomato shares.  The Bright Side:  I did get one box of tomatoes and popped them quickly into the dehydrator; and we are supposed to get a refund check for the tomatoes we did not get (I’m told this is an unusual move for a CSA farm to do, so we are very lucky!)

My room-mate decided not to go and pick up my share while I was on vacation, so…. no fresh vegetables or fruit right now (I have some things in the freezer)… must swing by the supermarket!  It’s all good!  I’ll get out of the house and head to farmer’s market in Manhattan in an hour or so (still on vacation, just doing the stay-cation part)


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