CATCH OF THE DAY: What I got at the Green Market

I went to the Union Square Green Market today and scored big-time!

I got a 3 lb bag of organic tomatoes for $4.00, an organic jalapeno for a quarter, a huge bunch of organic kale for $2.50, and organic onion for $.75, a nice-sized  organic red kohlrabi for $1.50, and a 10-lb. organic cabbage for $2.00.  All of that that for under $10.00!!!!  I will eat well for a while (and the next CSA distribution is on Thursday! )  Kohlrabi ravioli with smoked cashew-jalapeno cheez with a light tomato/onion sauce is the plan for tonight .  I may make up a cole slaw to go with it, or maybe not.  With this huge cabbage, I seriously think it is time to make sauer kraut — no more excuses!  That is on the schedule for tomorrow and/or Wednesday.

I also saw a very nice beet “kimchi” – actually, I think it was pickled in Korean koji jang (a paste which is roughly a cross between miso and hot pepper).  Last night, Tomoko, my room-mate, and I were talking about how to make Japanese pickles.  As I expected,  there are two ways to make them – one, to bury the vegetables in salt, and the other to bury the vegetables in miso paste.  I expect I will be experimenting this winter with pickling turnips, beets, and daikon.


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