10/08/09 CSA SHARE: What I got!

Hooray! I am back on-line, thanks to an old friend! 

This was one of those weeks when we got everything they said we would get.  



French Breakfast Radishes – 1 bun.


Romaine Lettuce – 1 hd.

Red Kale – 1 bun.

Baby Salad Turnips – 1 bun. 


Green Bell Pepper – 1 pc.


Green Beans – 1 lb. bag!

Red Kale – 1 bun.

Zucchini – 1 pc.


Red Kale – 1 bun.


Cherry Tomatoes – 1 pt


Curly Cress – 1 bun.



I want to make kale chips tonight, so I traded the green beans and romaine for two more bunches of kale. Yumm!

The turnips and radishes came with nice greens, so I think I will make marinated greens tonight, as well.

I’ve put the tomato, the zucchini, and the green bell pepper into one bag, because I plan to make spaghetti!


They say it is quite likely that we will not get our boxes of tomatoes, but that we will get a refund, instead.

I am, of course, sad about that – another case of not counting your chickens until they are hatched: I had thought

 of giving sundried tomatoes as Christmas presents!  Oh well!  I have one nice big bag of sundried tomatoes to carry

 me through the winter.



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