09/17/09 CSA SHARE: What we got, and what I took home….. also my mushrooms from the market

I have a few moments on-line to report what came in yesterday in my CSA box and how that worked out.

I have a few moments on-line to report what came in yesterday in my CSA box and how that worked out. This computer’s software is new to me, so please forgive if my report is not as charming as usual.

Red Kale (the red is apparently the stem) – 1 bun  
Garlic – 1 head  
2 Tomatoes  
Parsley – 1 bunch 1 bunch Kale
Beets with nice greens – 1 bunch (4)  
Yellow Watermelon – 1 baby  
Zucchini – 2 small  
Red Bell Pepper – 1 small  
Green Bell Pepper – 1 medium  
Arugula – 1 bag 1 head garlic
Cherry tomatoes – 1 box  

I like to report what came in the box and what I traded, if anything, just to keep track for myself, as well as to show my preferences to anyone who is looking.   In addition, lately, the powers that be keep reminding us to trade at most two things, and, since every time I go to the pick-up, it seems like there are people who closely watch what I do when I visit the trade box, I feel it is important to show what I took here, even though I go to the trade box with my trade items raised shoulder high, and I leave with my trade items raised shoulder high, as well, so that anyone who is intensely interested in what I am doing will be gratified to know that I am staying within the rules.

I also got apples and pears.  It reminded me of that  Cockney thing “apples and pears”, which means something else I cannot remember, like “stairs” or something. Anyway, I have apples and pears.

I am going to do marinated greens with the lovely beet greans and the wonderfully fragrant kale.  I may save out a couple of leaves to make some wraps, and then, again, I may not.

I am excited to have beets again, because I really like my “pickled beets”, i.e. , grated beets with vinegar and olive oil and any herb that occurs to me, or not.

This week, I think I will make zucchini pasta again, with a tomato sauce… I haven’t done that in a while… I get tired of the same old same old… don’t you? I mean …. zucchini pasta is very nice, but how many days in a week can you eat it before you just don’t want to see it ever again?  I made zucchini soup a couple of days ago… not my favorite, but a way to delete zucchini from the refrigerator.

I love cherry tomatoes as snacks… I take them along to work and just munch. Low carb and they don’t seem to disturb my delicate system.

The watermelon went in one sitting. I had not eaten all day yesterday, and there it was.  I ate the whole thing. Did not offer any to my room-mate.  Okay, in my defense, it was just a little ball, smaller than a basketball, and I had not eaten dinner.  She does not kick in for the CSA share.  MY WATERMELON!!!! 100% gone in less than 1/2 hour!

The red pepper is going to some cashew cheddar cheeze – I haven’t made that in a while… it’s time to do it again….

This afternoon, I stopped by the farmer’s market and picked up some more maitake mushroom… this time I managed to select one pound (EEK! that set me back $10.00!  It did give me an in to talk to the proprietor, though, and I did my best to make friends with him, and bond with him — he is a mega-weight-loser, too, and — surprise!!! he did his big weight loss the same year I did mine)  I want to make “ropa vieja” shredded mushrooms and also try again for a “pulled mushroom” barbecue.  I’m going for the ropa vieja first, because I feel more confident that I can have success there.


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