I have just received a new book, Truly Cultured  , by Nancy Lee Bentley, in the mail, and I am rather pleased with and excited about it! 

The first half of Truly Cultured talks about the history of food, the different diet ideas, different fermentation methods, and why it’s all good.  What?  I will say that the author is not 100 % raw, nor is she 100% vegan, nor, as far as I can tell, is she even a vegetarian.  Nevertheless, she covers all of the dietary ideas, including raw food-ism, in a very objective manner, so that, no matter where you find yourself, diet-wise, you can find something to take home here.  The nutrition information is spot-on, as I see it.

There are all sorts of fermentation recipes in this book — I got it primarily for the fermentation background information,and, also, for some of the recipes (I seriously doubt I will be making whole milk cheeze, but she does have nut cheeze recipes, she covers rejuvelac and a number of other raw fermented beverages — including ginger beer!– and she has recipes for a couple of different kimchees, and a number of other fermented vegetable dishes).

I am happy to have this book — I was intrigued by it when I saw it in the bookstore, and I love it now that it is in my house.


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