RE THE MUSHROOM “Pulled Barbecue” Dinner

The mushroom stuff did not quite turn out the way I wanted to. I am going to re-think what needs to be done.  It may be that it can only be done as a very tomato-y barbecue, more like those further South than where I am from.  I will work on it.

Meanwhile, the mushroom stuff was not bad at all.  I made served it with parsnip “rice” (just parsnip ground in the food processor to about rice size, and tossed with olive oil).  I ended up putting a tomato sauce on top of the mushroom stuff.  The room-mate liked it quite a bit.  I served it with a basic coleslaw because that is how we serve barbecue where I am from, and I did a massaged marinated greens dish with the greens from the parsnips (very interesting flavor there! Not at all similar to collards, kale, turnip, or beet greens, but quite nice!)

Next, I am going to try a version of the Venezuelan shredded beef dish (similar to the Cuban “ropa vieja”) with the mushrooms.  I am sure that one will work out exactly the way I want it to.    That is for next week. I am not sure I like to eat mushrooms more than once a week – they seem a bit rich for me (not to mention that they are not at all that cheap).

Okay, there you have it. I said I would let you know how it had gone.


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