DINNER TONIGHT! “Pulled” Mushroom Barbecue (just like pulled pork!)

Boy do I wish this were Tuesday! I’ve got access to a computer for the next two hours. Facebook is down, and, if it were Tuesday, I could tell you what we are supposed to get in our share and be done with my minimal posting for the week!  No go!  It is Monday!

I was sick again last week, so I just drank water and ate nothing at all for about 4 days, and only drank water (I tried a green smoothie the first day, but it just made things worse. Even apple juice caused problems).  Never mind…. I spent the time reading recipes and dehydrating what food I had from my CSA, so as not to lose it.  Now, I am eating food again, and I am hungry for delicious things.

Okay, Let me think here…. Aha! What am I going to do tonight for dinner?  Ah, yes!

A few weeks ago, I went to a meet-up at Rawkin’ Raw, a fairly new restaurant in Brooklyn (New York).  I probably would have never motivated myself out there on my own, but… the opportunity to meet other people interested in a raw lifestyle, at a time that I was available, was just too irresistible.  I went… I ate…. I liked it a lot!  Actually, of all the people at my table, I was the only one who was very happy with what I had ordered (Southern “pulled mushroom” barbecue – it was made with maitake mushrooms, but, I have learned, not the kind your average Japanese room-mate brings home.  I found the right mushrooms at the Union Square farmers’ market, and brought them home and got the right texture but not the right taste.  Today, I went back and got more maitake, and I absolutely know what I need to do to get what I want – at least, I think I do!)  What I did not like about Rawkin’ Raw was that they do not tell you on the menu what is in the dishes, so you have to ask a lot of questions about each dish if you are allergic to or avoid certain foods, or if you are into food combining, as I am.  I decided to just eat one thing, and drink water, and then I was thinking about having a dessert, but, when I asked one of the owners what was in it, he said something like “strawberries, nuts, etc.” (which does not help much).  I thanked him and told him that, since he did not want to tell me the ingredients, I did not want to eat the seemingly scrumptious dessert (I have no desire to go through hours of digestive distress for a few bites of heaven), and then he changed his mind and started telling me ingredients, but I was already turned off.

Never mind!  The barbecue was most fantastic!  It was more on the order of a Texas version of pulled pork, very sweet, very tomato-y, while I prefer a Southern Virginia/Northeastern North Carolina style, but, still, it was the closest I’ve had to my beloved barbecue in 30 years.  The texture was amazingly like the real thing!  Fortunately, the other owner was willing to tell me that it was made with a mushroom called “ma… ma… ma- something” which is a super-food. Armed with that much information, I found the darling in the farmers’ market.

As the old song goes, “tonight’s the night”.  I have some wilted-y parsnips (they were so cheap) soaking to spruce them up to make “rice” (no time for buns), I have some cabbage to make coleslaw, and I am going to make a good North Carolina pulled-pork barbecue-style dish with these mushrooms.  A feast tonight!  Yumm!

I am going to try to use the greens from the parsnips in a greens dish (they are rather wilted – if I can revive them, I’ll use them).  I also have some fresh corn, for a side of some sort. And, of course, you cannot have barbecue without coleslaw!


With luck, I will be able to post the results tomorrow (or even tonight, if I can borrow a computer).  Stay tuned!

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