You’ll notice that this farm newsletter posting says nothing about our Thursday share. Do they not love us?  I waited patiently until 10:30 pm tonight (Wednesday), because they keep saying to check the day before the distribution to find out what we will get, but there was no mention of what we might get.
Never mind!

When I first started with the CSA everything was a surprise, and I guess I might consider it refreshing to go on Thursday afternoon and be totally surprised by what I find in the box.  Sure, why not?

Thank you, Golden EarthWorm for allowing me and my fellow CSA members to experience that child-like sense of wonder as we discover what is in the box.  The rapture!  The confusion (what’s this and what am I going to do with it?)

THIS WEEK IN THE BOX – week of August 17th
Potatoes – 2 lb. bag (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Yellow Onions – 2 pc (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Long Green Peppers – 2 pc (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Green Bell Peppers – 1 pc (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Red Tomato – 1 lg or 2 sm (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Zucchini  – 2 pc (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Baby Arugula – 1 bag (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Asian Eggplant – 1 pc  (Tuesday)
Cherry Tomatoes – 1 pt (Wednesday)

1 bag UFO Peaches (Tuesday  & Wednesday)
1 bag White Peach & Nectarine Mix  (Wednesday)
1 container Raspberries (Tuesday)

I will reveal what we really got tomorrow after I pick up my mystery box.


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