This time, what they said and what I got were basically the same.  Here is what I got, then, and what I traded for and took home.


1 bun Cippolini Onions
1 hd Savoy Cabbage or Radicchio
1 bun Toscano or Green Kale
1 bag Lettuce Mix, (unwashed) 1 bun Cippolini Onions
2 pc Zucchini
2 pcYellow Summer Squash
1 hd Red Batavian Lettuce or Romaine
1 bun Curly Green Kale
1 bun Parsley 1 Savoy Cabbage
1 bun Red Beets

This week, I had a very nice CSA experience! Everyone was very sweet and friendly, and I got to pick out my own box.  When I kept going over to the share box, one of the women nearby asked me what I was up to, and I explained to them that I had put in my Romaine and I was looking for Kale.  They repeatedly told me that they were sure someone would leave kale soon.  They were so sweet.

I just am not a lettuce person. I keep trying.  This time, I actually ate a leaf of the Romaine – oh, don’t worry! It was a leaf that had fallen off in the box! — to see if I could take it home and work with it (That was a BIG NO – Romaine is just too bitter – I would rather deal with beet greens).

I went early because I knew I was going to be trading, but someone had been there before me and gotten the kale out of the trade box.  I traded the other things, and left the Romaine in the box without taking anything in trade, and chatted with the women next to me for about 20 minutes, and THEN IT HAPPENED!!!  My eagle eye, ever trained on the trade box,  saw someone drop a bunch of Curly Green Kale in. I dashed over and grabbed it right away!  Hooray!  Kale for a few more days!

Curiously, I attract other people’s attention
when I go to the CSA pick-up.  That attention is not always of the best kind!   When I went to get that bunch of Curly Kale, some woman went over to the volunteers and told them that I had just taken something from the box – they told her that I had been waiting for it, and that my trade was already in (bless their sweet souls).  I do not understand why that woman would have been watching me, or why she would think it her business to be a watchdog over what people are trading in the trade box, but…. oh well.  Must be something in my aura.  Perhaps I should clear it and wear invisibility the next time around.

I will post recipes a bit later… I have an event to attend tonight!


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