DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE: My experience with the Benriner spiralizer

Do not buy a Benriner spiralizer .


First, I will thank the Lord that I had the opportunity to buy this device at an extremely low price.  I will also thank God that I did not buy more of them to send to my friends and family, or even sell on ebay.

The Benriner  puts the lie to the myth of Japanese technical superiority. (I will say that I have had flashes of recognition of this idea from time to time when I have seen some Japanese recipes for things we all throw together in a few minutes – these recipes usually involve very complicated, time-consuming, inconvenient ways to make things an American teenager can probably concoct in 15 minutes without incurring bodily injury — Do NOT ask me what a Japanese hamburger recipe involves! Even one of Juliano’s raw food recipes takes less time to put together!)

Yes, you heard me singing the praises of the Benriner. It was supposed to be the best.  That was what I had read.  The price made one think so.  It did look good in the box, out of the box, and all the way up to when I had to use it.

You have to cut the zucchini in 10cm pieces. No problem. I figured out that 10cm was about 4 in. and got on with my business.

Using the device is no more difficult than using a Spirooli, and you do get nice thin angel-hair strings.

BUT: After each 10cm/4 in. piece, you have to stop and clean the beast. It does not break down like a Spirooli. If you want to break it down, you need a screwdriver. If you want to wash it without slicing your fingers, you must have a brush of some kind, and the blades are very sharp, so your brush will get sliced up quickly.

This machine is way too labor-intensive. It would be much more worthwhile (and worth the expense) to me to buy another Joyce Chen spiralizer, and have it break after 6 months and have to buy another.

Yes, this Benriner will probably last a lifetime, and never break. It is very sturdy. The problem is: My lifetime will not be that long. I will probably not want to use it much, and I will, if I don’t get a new spiralizer, rely mostly on my Titan slicer with its “julienne” attachment (I’ve used it before, and it went faster) Thank heavens I got this machine so cheap. I would have paid the full price (I had a savings jar for it).

DO NOT buy a Benriner spiral slicer unless you have little to do, and lots of time to do it in.

2 responses to “DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE: My experience with the Benriner spiralizer

  1. Hi Just found your blog!! What vegetable spiralizer would you recommend then ?? I am looking for something that will work easilllly, economical and not labor-intensive at all. Thanks for any suggestions 🙂

    • working on an answer for my blog… wordpress is giving me trouble.
      I have ordered a Benriner Cook’s Help, which was recommended to me by another Japanese student who uses it to make daikon strings
      price-wise, I would go with the World Cuisine… it is very sturdy, and easy to use and clean. the noodles are bigger. When I had mine, I used to marinate the noodles for 30 mins in olive oil and vinegar, to make them soft. (I don’t like crunchy).

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