benriner turning slicerMeet the new addition to my kitchen arsenal! I have just gotten a Benriner Spiral Slicer.  I had seen it in the store a while back, for @$90.00, and I had sort of put it on the backburner — I need a new food processor!  Then, yesterday, my room-mate came home from a foray into Katagiri, the Japanese food store near Bloomingdale’s, and announced that she had seen the Benriner on sale for $25.00.  Insane!  I dashed up there today and found a pile of them with a sign that they were on sale for 70% off — I bought one immediately for $25.50 (Yep. TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS)

I’m looking forward to using this new spiral slicer.  It looks much sturdier than the Spirooli Spiral  Slicer (which looks a good bit like this machine, and is a good bit cheaper, but does not make very thin angel-hair type noodles)  I had before I got the the Saladacco Spiral Slicer (which made nice thin noodles,and was much cheaper,  but did not hold up to my spiralizing of anything I could find).  The instructions for my new Benriner specifically mention spiralizing daikon radish and potatoes, which are much harder than the zucchinis I will mostly be processing, so I imagine it will hold up to beets and  turnips when I am on a roll.  The assembly is a bit more complicated (the Spirooli just had slide-in plates, and the Saladacco had no changeable parts), but it does not appear daunting.

This is a good moment for me.  Yesterday, I got a package in the mail because I had won a raffle I had forgotten all about, and today, I got this amazing price on a Cadillac spiralizer.  Life is good.  Thank you, Lord.


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