PLANNING TOMORROW’S DINNER : ha! you thought I’d never plan ahead! (neither did I)

I think I am at last growing up.  I am thinking at least one day ahead!

I am thinking about a new sandwich for tomorrow’s.dinner.  I’ve never made a sandwich for dinner – sandwiches always seem like lunch, but.. Hey! I am a grown-up, and I make food for myself and my room-mate, so… why can’t I make sandwiches for dinner if I want to?  I have the sunflower/sesame bread. and I also have some shiitake mushrooms!!..

I am thinking about getting a tomato, and an avocado, making a fresh cheeze that I will also be able to use for the next day’s meal, and using the onion in the fridge. Oh, dear, I don’t know how that will work out with food combination, but it sounds delicious, so I just might do it anyway, and find out how it works with food combining the hard way.
I still have some collards, so I will probably marinate them for a side.


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