Last night, I decided to experiment with the KALE CHIPS.   using  my CASHEW CHEDDAR CHEESE recipe.

I made the recipe according to the original instructions, but, instead of the extravagant 2 C cashew recipe, I used my cashew cheeze recipe, which did just as well.  I had a huge bunch of kale from Fairway, for $1.99 (about 3 bunches from any other market), and I broke it all up into the large mixing bowl I use for making crackers, and then I poured on the cashew cheddar cheeze mixture and mixed it all around until all of the pieces were covered front and back.  As I went to put each kale piece on the dehydrator sheet, I added a little more cheddar cheeze mixture, to make sure it was well coated.

I ended up needing all 5 trays of my dehydrator.  The only problem is that I only have 4 teflex sheets.  The last kale pieces had to go on straight onto a mesh sheet.  In the morning, I turned all of the kale pieces which were on teflex sheets onto their mesh sheets.  I just left the pieces which had been on the mesh sheet all night.  When I came home, and tried the kale chips, I found that the ones which had been on the mesh sheet all the while were much crunchier than the others (so I put them all  to dehydrate for a few more hours, becasue crunchier is better).  Next time, I will put all of the kale chips directly onto the mesh sheets – they don’t drip, so there is not need for the teflex sheets.

I will be experimenting with other flavors now… I think the next choice is the jalapeno cheeze, and then I am going to figure out a Thai curry version.  Stay tuned … (I have a forced week of vacation coming up soon, so the recipes will be flowing.)


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