06/02/09 CSA SHARE: What we got (and what I am going to do with it)

I have just picked up my share.  Here is what they said they would bring, what I got, and what I traded for! (The CSA always puts up one share box as a trade box, and, if you arrive at the right time, you can find something you like and trade something you don’t want for it)

1 bun. Scallions       got 1 bun parsley      took 2 bulbs fennel
2 bulbs Fennel

1 bun. Arugula      took 1 lg. bun turnips
1 hd. Broccoli got 1 hd Cabbage
1 bun. Dill
1 bunch Carrots took 1 bun. dill
1 bun. Collards
1 bun.White Salad Turnips

THE TURNIPS are nice and fat … a good bit larger than the baby ones we’ve gotten in the past weeks, but still not large, so I expect them to be fairly sweet. I had so much fun with the kohlrabi raviolis that I am going to see what happens with turnip in making raviolis.  If that doesn’t work, I will use thin slices plain (or marinated) as the base for nut pates/cheezes… look for my recipes later in the week.  I traded the carrots because they were few and small, and the turnips looked like a much better deal!

THE FENNEL: I haven’t played much with fennel before, so, with four bulbs of it, this is my week to experiment and devise new recipes.

THE CABBAGE: I am going to use that large head of cabbage to make a simple, delicious, traditional Southern cole slaw (the kind I grew up with is not sweet).  I’ve been invited to a July 4th party by one of my students.  I know she is not totally raw, so I have no idea what there will be to eat, but the cole slaw will give me a chance to share, and something I like to eat at the same time (Since I was in college, people have told me they invite me to their parties for my cole slaw– and there I was thinking it was for my engaging personality!)

THE DILL is mostly headed straight for the dehydrator – I don’t expect to have a chance to use much of it this weekend – my big food prep days are Monday through Thursday (this Thursday CSA delivery does challenge me a bit).  I am also going to chop one bunch and put it in an ice cube tray and fill with water, freeze it, then store the cubes in the freezer to have fresh dill at my command.

THE COLLARDS will mostly go to my “massaged marinated greens” recipe, but I am going to experiment with making collard chips, similar to kale chips (or different!)

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