6/25/09 CSA SHARE: What we actually got

I went t to the farm newsletter this afternoon, but it had not been updated, so I was still surprised when I opened my share box this afternoon.  Farms  are subject to the weather, and you’d think the City had been auditioning for a part in a movie about Noah’s Ark, with all the rain we’ve had in the last couple of weeks, so maybe that is why we could not have some items.

Here is the rundown:

1 hd Romaine Lettuce more turnips
1 bun Salad Turnips
1 bun Bok Choi
1 bag Baby Arugula
2 hds Broccoli
1 bun Cilantro
1 bun Red Beets 1 bag sugar snaps more cilantro

1 pt Strawberries              X

I guess I am very lucky that I like things other people don’t like.  The turnips are on the small side, but they have luscious greens!

We were lucky to get strawberries twice, and the fruit share did start very early, so I guess I can get over the no strawberries.

I also received the 25 lbs of wheat berrries. I am a little nervous though because it turned out to be hard red spring wheat, whereas I have always used soft wheat for rejuvelac.  I guess I will find out, won’t I?


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