07/25/09 CSA SHARE: What they say we *might* get

Now the farm is wise to me!  They now post the “What We Will Get” with a disclaimer that, in all likelihood, the Thursday share may be quite different from what is quoted in the newsletter.  As they say, “no worries!” … This has always been the way!  I like to post “What they say we will get”, and then post “What we got!”  I think it is fun!  I know a little about farming from my grandfather, and I know that you can’t always get what you want when you want it. I also understand that rain, while something that is normally good for the farmers, in torrential amounts, as we have had for the past week, can really put a crimp in the farmers’ plans)  Hmmm…. I wonder who gets the Wednesday deliveries and if they are very far from a convenient subway line (just kidding!  Then I wouldn’t have the comparison charts! No fun at all!)   The farm does say that they will update the delivery info on Thursday morning, but that doesn’t do me any good — I am out of the house by 7:15am, and the next time I am in Queens is to pick up my share.  They probably do not post at 6am, which is when I go online if I am expecting something special overnight)

So!  This is what they say we will might get:

1 hd Romaine Lettuce
1 bun Salad Turnips
1 bun Bok Choi
1 bag Baby Arugula
2 hds Broccoli
1 bun Cilantro
1 bun Red Beets
1 pt Strawberries

Oooh!  I’m looking forward to the turnips and the beets!  Will the strawberries come?  Who knows?  What will I do with all those greens? (eat them?)


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