LEFTOVERS TONIGHT: What I made for dinner

Tonight was leftover night — tomorrow I pick up my CSA share.

I took some of the kale/cashew pate from Monday and put it in cremini mushroom caps and dehydrated them for about 45 minutes.

I made zucchini noodles and mixed them with the garlic scape pesto and some chopped marinated shiitake mushrooms and a little onion.  I mashed it all together (a la “massage”), and let the mix sit until I was ready to serve.

When I served dinner, I put stuffed mushrooms  and the zucchini pasta/pesto/mushroom mix on the plate.  I placed some chopped tomatoes on top of the pasta mix.

My room-mate decided to put some olive oil on the plate and swab the stuffed mushrooms in it.  That was good.  Then she added a few drops of nama shoyu to the olive oil, and swabbed the mushroom in that – that was really good.

It is good that we have this “you can keep on cooking what I have prepared” rule — sometimes I learn a new idea from what she has a mind to do to make the food more to her liking.  She has adopted some of my ideas in her own cooking.


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