06/11/09 CSA SHARE: What I got!

Here is what I got in the box and what I went home with (the trade box had been virtually untouched)


1 head Red Romaine Lettuce 1 pt.  Strawberries
1 bag Lettuce Mix* – 1/2 lb. 1 bun. Garlic Scapes
1 bag Baby Spinach* – 1/2 lb.
1 bunch Toscano Kale
1 bunch Garlic Scapes
1 pint Strawberries

1 bag Sugar Snap Peas 1 bun. Kale

This year, they are putting out a full share box, and we are allowed to trade items from our box that we don’t want for things in that box.

I snagged the strawberries (can’t have enough strawberries!), a bunch of kale (looking forward to the kale/cashew stuffed tomato this weekend!),  and I want to experiment with some garlic scape recipe ideas, so I got the extra garlic scapes.  I still have a lot of lettuce from last week, so it seemed best to trade off the lettuce that came in my box. I can take or leave the sugar snaps, so I left them


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