06/04/09 CSA SHARE: What We Got & What Happened!

CSA WK 1 veg

What I got in my box:

1 bunch Baby Bok Choi
1 bunch Beets
1 bunch French Breakfast Radishes
1 bunch Rhubarb
1 bunch Japanese White Salad Turnips
1 bag Arugula
2 heads of Lettuce (one red-leaf, one butter)

The French Breakfast Radishes
are most curious – the look like little fat white and red fingers. Why are they called Breakfast Radishes?  I mean, do French people actually eat radishes for breakfast?  Anyway, they came with beautiful greens.

The Japanese salad turnips
are pretty plump little white turnips with lovely greens.

The beets are pretty little medium sized ones (not as tiny as the ones I picked up at the farmers’ market yesterday)  with nice greens.

Rhubarb! We did not get rhubarb at all last year, after I had spent all that time the year before coming up with a rhubarb recipe.  I got about 8 stalks in my box today.

We also got a surprise box of delicious sweet strawberries! Yumm!

The fruit share started today
, too, and we got a big box of strawberries (a pound, maybe?)

I immediately traded out my head of  butter lettuce  for the box of strawberries that was in the trade box.

This was also my night to do my volunteer shift.  Wow!  That was so interesting.   I was the coordinator for the winter share, so I understand  (I think) what the coordinator needs to do.  This year, it seems they have about 3 coordinators (one for opening, and two for closing).  That is probably not a bad idea (coordinating is not as easy as it looks, requiring people skills which you never even thought had been invented or would ever be required, unless you were born a psychopath), as long as the coordinators can coordinate with each other and deal with the volunteers..  (I do not think I would like to be in on that at all, to be truthful).   I was very interested to see that my idea of how to set up the tables has been carved in stone now – it is in the set-up guidelines.  My ideas about how to close (take down the tables as the number of boxes goes down, ending up with only one table for boxes by 1/2  hour before closing – makes for ease of cleaning the floor before closing time) have also been written into the procedures (private smile of satisfaction)

Since I was a volunteer only, I could see what the coordinators were doing and just stand back.  When one of them said something about some reactions they had noticed from people coming in to get the boxes, I was able to tell them how I would react to what they were doing – a couple of them kept opening boxes and shoving them at the members as they came in, and they did not understand why the members preferred to select their own unopened boxes.   I do understand – I want to be the one to open my own box (I mean, how can I know if it is untouched if it is opened? Oh, I am sure it is untouched, but I want to be the one to open my own box, and I don’t appreciate hovering either – I saw some people who looked like they wanted to sock the coordinator who was hovering over them.  Yes, I am going to have to have a talk with myself before I go in next week, so I can deal politely with that situation, should it happen to me.)

I also did know how to close, and I had read the new guidelines on closing, and I knew where the guidelines were posted, and I was able to read them, and I knew what had been done at closing in the last two years of spring/summer and winter distributions.  For everyone’s good luck, I have now finished my volunteer obligation (unless someone bails and they need a substitute – I have volunteered to fill in)

LA LA LA! At the end of the evening, we volunteers got to raid the “trade box”, and I got one more bunch of rhubarb, a head of butter lettuce,  and another bunch of turnips.


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