GREEN BEAN/TOMATO MEDLEY – the side to go with the stuffed tomatoes

The side to go with the Kale/Cashew-Stuffed Tomatoes

The special of the day at the market was some less than totally beautiful green a 3 lb bag for $1.50.  On my extremely limited budget, I was definitely able to go there!  (Boy~ I cannot wait until my CSA starts delivering in the beginning of June — I’ve paid for it, and I am going to really reap the rewards! Fresh vegetables, not the “ugly vegetables” the market no longer wants! Who cares that I will have no choice in what I get?  I will still get fresh, delicious, organic vegetables  and I won’t have to worry about what money is in my pocket!)

I would just eat the kale/cashew stuffed tomato as my whole dinner (it is a full meal – 1 C of kale, 1 C cashews, and a tomato shell), but my room-mate needs to see more than one thing on the plate to feel satisfied, so I made up a side that would not violate natural hygiene food combining rules:

1 C  green beans,
1 C tomato, chopped (I chopped up the insides of the tomatoes I had stuffed)
1/2 C onion, chopped
1/4 C kalamata olives, chopped
2 T garlic (or to taste)
1 t extra virgin olive oil
1 t apple cider vinegar

Mix all ingredients together and marinate for 1/2 hour.
Serve immediately, or dehydrate for 1/2 to 1 hr.


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