DINNER TONIGHT: Upgraded Asian Scramble, Chili Corn, and Traditional Okra & Tomatoes


I wanted to try Ani Phyo’s Asian Scramble, so, when I woke up at 4:30 a, I put almonds and sunflower seeds in to soak, then went back to bed. When I got up again at 6a, I drained and put the almonds and the seeds into the dehydrator, and left them for the day.

When I made the “Asian Scramble”, I was disappointed to find that it did not really taste like “Asian” to me (I have been researching Japanese flavors, and I pretty much know most Chinese and Korean flavors) or anything else, i.e., the mix, although pleasant-tasting,   tasted very bland to me. I added some garlic powder (my Japanese room-mate has decided that I can once again dehydrate garlic (despite the way it makes the house smell), as she says that fresh garlic does not taste “right” to her), and @ 3 T of Thai green curry paste, and decided it was done.  To serve, I made patties and put Thai curry paste mayonnaise on top (choose your mayonnaise recipe, add Thai green curry paste)

I served the altered Asian Scramble patties with a corn/lemon/chili powder mix (in remembrance of my old Mexican room-mate, who once gave me an ear of corn which had been soaked in lemon juice sprinkled with red pepper powder) and a “traditional” chopped okra/tomato mix seasoned with garlic (I like to the traditional combination of okra and tomatoes, because the tomatoes make the okra’s gooey-ness  less noticeable).

It was a nice meal, but the best part was when my room-mate told me she was looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow (Who ever looks forward to leftovers?? It must have been good!)


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