RECIPE QUEST: Conquering Spain!

I am quite excited about having found Spanish recipes for raw vegan food.  It took me a bit, but I finally found one Spanish (from Spain) site which offers raw vegan recipes. The recipes I have found there are truly interesting (and tasty!)… very different in flavor from American and English recipes.

After I get a bunch of Spanish recipes, I am going to figure out how to get French recipes.  I can read French enough to get a recipe, I think.  If I am lucky, I may snag an Italian raw foodist along the way, and get some help with translating Italian recipes.

I am a little disappointed in my quest for *real* Japanese recipes for Japanese people.   Of course, my volunteers are not raw vegans, so they don’t have creative ways to suss out recipes that Japanese people are creating.  I am not terribly sure, but I really do have the feeling that Japanese people are not eating only American raw vegan recipes (our recipes taste very different from Japanese food).  Oh well.


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