SPANISH RECIPES: I’m having fun!

I’ve been wondering what raw food people do in other countries (where they don’t speak English).  First, I fixated on Japan, but so far, I have had no luck — two or three Japanese people have told me they would help me out but they have never come back to me.

I speak Spanish, so I decided a couple of days ago to take matters into my own hands, and look for Spanish (from Spain) recipes.

It has been  difficult (so now I understand why I have not heard back from my Japanese “volunteers”).  First, I had to figure out what people in Spain were calling “raw food”.  It took me about two days to find a website that had the “magic word”.   Then I have had to wade through tons of sites where they show you pretty pictures but give no recipes.

At last, I have begun to find a few sites, here and there, with recipes.  (The fun part here, and I’m being facetious, is learning what is what — I have never cooked in Spanish, and they have different equipment, as well).

Anyway,  I am going to start posting some Spanish (from Spain) recipes.  They have different flavors and different ideas — different from the “ideas” of Spanish food we often see.   If I can find Latin American recipes,  I will post those as well.

Off I go.  I have one recipe now.  Let’s see how my translation skills hold up!


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