LUCUMA – Have you noticed this?

This is a repost from a facebook note I wrote, so if you are on facebook with me, move on…(or re-read)

LUCUMA – Have you noticed this?

Now that I have some lucuma, and I have tried it (put it in a blender drink with some fresh strawberries and frozen apricots), I am noticing something today. I am tasting the lucuma, and thinking about the lucuma, and wanting to make something with lucuma.

What is that?

I am not a sweets eater (I’ve had that danged bottle of agave syrup for months, and it is still half full!!!)  So, why am I thinking about lucuma and wanting it?  This is very weird for me.  Yes, I tracked down agave syrup when it first hit the airwaves, although I did not buy it for a while, because I did not see a need.  I finally did buy it, and tested it, and that was that. Yes, it is sweet. Okay, next?

This lucuma interest is more like a drug feeling, is what I am saying. It has been on my mind all day. Has anyone else had a similar experience?  I’m thinking that this is something I should avoid like the plague.  I’m chary of trying it again.


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