YES, LUCUMA POWDER & YACON SYRUP CAN BE HAD IN NYC!!! and where to get it if you are not here.


I’ve been hearing about lucuma powder and yacon syrup, which seem to be the new agave nectar, i.e., the latest and greatest sweeteners.  The first I heard of them was in an Ani Phyo recipe on video.

Lucuma powder and yacon syrup are, in fact, (believe it or not!), available in New York City.  I have personally proven that fact today.  Never mind that, as nearly as I know, only one store in the entire city stocks these items.  I did not go to Whole Foods because I did not want the frustration (I cannot even find a definite answer about yacon syrup at Whole Foods online… there is a picture, but no guarantee that it will be in the store).  I checked at Integral Yoga Foods, and I even checked at Fairway, which usually has the latest and the greatest — but no…….

I finally found lucuma powder and yacon syrup at Westerly Market way back in the back by the “deli counter”.   I had gone to about six other stores  in the City, which werelisted on the Navitas Naturals website, but had not found any Navitas Naturals products of any kind, when I cast my lot with Westerly.  Next time, I will go to Westerly first. They seem to be in tune with what’s going on (and they also have a formidable selection of ready-made raw food dishes!!!! (I drooled over the raw “not-salmon”salad sandwich today, but I was not hungry, so I did not buy one).

If you, like I, must find these products come hell or high water, then go online. RawGuru lists both products at competitive prices (the lucuma powder is the same price I paid in town, and the yacon syrup is cheaper – okay, you have to pay shipping, but….).  Raw Food World also has these products at competitive prices.

I’m excited to have the lucumi powder (I also bought raw goji berries — they are even soft!– while I as at Westerly).  I will have to experiment with it, but I am happy that it has some nutritional value to add to what I make.

My next quest will be to find out how to convert recipes with agave syrup to lucumi powder.   What fun!


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