BREAD!! I’ve made BREAD!!!

In my on-going search for a sandwich that did not involve a leaf,  I started making some  bread experiments tonight.

One was some sprouted wheat buns, made with dates and sprouted wheat. They are still in the works.

Fresh out of the dehydrator!!!  I made Ani Phyo’s Black Sesame Sunflower Bread, and it is good.  I was somewhat worried because of all the whole seeds in it, but it is really not that bad.  I started it at 7pm, flipped it at 10 pm and took it out at 11 pm (it seemed strong enough, and I made  little sandwiches by quartering one piece and putting some avocado and some cheez on them, and gave one to my room-mate.  Satisfied with the results, I took the whole tray out.

The recipe from Ani Phyo’s book, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen (which, incidentally, I bought for that bread recipe) is:

1 C ground flax seeds
1/3 C w hole flax seeds
½ t sea salt
1 clove garlic, minced
2 T onion, chopped
1-1/3 C water
2/3 C sunflower seeds
14 C black sesame seeds

Mix first six ingredients. Add sunflower and sesame seeds and mix well.
Use the back of a spoon to spread batter evenly on one dehydrator tray.  Dry at 104 degrees F for 4 hours.  Flip and score into nine slices.  Dehydrate another hour before serving.  Serve warm.

I scored the batter before I started.  I dehydrated for 3 hours, then flipped the bread, and dehydrated for one more hour.

This is fast enough that you can make it whenever you want it – the only thing is that you need to be at home (and awake) for 5 hours to get it out of the dehydrator before it gets hard.  I’ve got 8 slices left now, so that would be 4 whole sandwiches, and then I can make some more – it doesn’t take that long to put it together.

Because this is dehydrated, I think that, if I want to take a sandwich to work, I would have to carry the bread and the makings separate, and assemble the sandwich on the spot…. a fully made sandwich might soak up the liquid in the sandwich innards and fall to pieces.


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