I made a really good soup tonight. I’ve been wanting to do it, and needing to do it, what with all the butternut squash I’ve been collecting from the farm – I needed something new to do with it.  So, I’ve been thinking about a butternut squash soup and how to make it, and looking around to see if I could find a squash soup that had already been done, and I suddenly realized that if there was going to be a squash soup, it was going to have to come from deep within me.  The problem I have with raw soups, which is why I almost never make them, is that all the bubbles just put me off… I lose my appetite when I see them.


I read every single one of my go-to books, and found no squash soup recipes – now that should come as no surprise – when I started out to make squash dishes, I could find no recipes then either.


Okay.. this part is funny!  I am now on a restricted diet. My allopath told me no dairy, no meat, no sugars, no salt, no alcohol… aw gee! I thought it was funny she was restricting me to my basic diet anyway.  When she told me that I should eat mostly raw food and avoid meat, my teeth nearly dropped out of my head!  I mean, this is the same doctor who has been chiding me for years about my raw vegan diet, and now she is limiting me to the diet she told me I should stop?  I had to control myself – I did not think it would be such a good idea to laugh..


Anyway, as a result of my official raw vegan salt-free sugar-free diet, I can not use my squash for cookies or pies, as I must stick to a low-glycemic diet (I hope that big bottle of agave syrup in my cabinet will keep)

So….  Here is the soup I made tonight



1 C cashews, soaked

1 C butternut squash, cubed

1/2 C carrot, cubed

1 orange bell pepper, chopped

2 T onion, chopped

1/2 T Thai green curry paste (or to taste—I actually added about 1 T)

Sea salt, to taste (optional)

2 T flax oil (or extra virgin olive oil, or sesame oil)

2 C water (or more, as needed)


Place all ingredients in the VitaMix and process until smooth.

Pour into soup bowls. (I used the kind of shallow bowls my mother always uses for formal dinners – the store I bought them from here called them pasta dishes—anyway, it looked pretty in those dishes)

I garnished with some chopped up fresh cilantro.


This soup came out so creamy that I had to remind myself that it was non-dairy (seriously- I am very allergic to milk, so even the “texture” of cream is likely to trigger a gagging response)  I guess it was because of the cashews and the flax oil.  


This makes about 6 servings worth of soup.

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