SEA NOODLES: deal with them if you can

After a week of wondering whether or not my Sea Noodles order to had been received, I did receive the noodles.  In the meantime, I emailed the company to find out if they had received the order, and what the shipment costs were (with no response) and, finally, had called the company long distance.  When I finally reached a company rep, I still could not learn the shipping cost, and was told that UPS should contact me (this is not normal – the shipper should give this information)

I received the noodles yesterday, and made my first recipe with them, and realized that I need to work with this product some to make it be something I want to eat at least 24 more times (I bought 2 cases/24 pkgs)

I am happy to have my Sea Noodles, but disturbed because, until tonight, I had been unable to get the company to tell me how much they had charged me for shipping.  A few minutes ago, (almost two weeks after I placed my order and emailed the company asking to know the shipment charges)  after I emailed the company that I would be publicizing my experience, I finally received an email from them telling me that I had paid $22.47 (which included a $2.00 surcharge for residential addresses, although my shipment came to my business address, which UPS does recognize)

I can now finally figure my cost per package.  I paid (at least, according to what the website told me – they still have not sent me any total bill), $60.00 for 2 cases/24 pkgs. (this will arrive in one box), and $22.47 for shipping.  That puts my total cost at $82.47, and my total cost per package (including shipping) at $3.70 per package.  Now that I know this deep dark secret that the company needed to hide from me for a week and a half, I feel comfortable about what I paid.  I will probably order again (although they probably hate me for forcing them to give me this information).

What agony!  As far as charge-able work-hours go (in terms of time spent in contacting the company and trying to get a straight answer from them, looking for their return emails and reading the nothingness of most answers), I think this first shipment cost me a good $100 more than what was charged and paid.  Nevertheless, now that I finally know what I ultimately paid, the next payment will work out to $3.70 a package, unless the company suddenly changes things.

If you order from this company, please insist that they tell you what they are going to charge you for shipping BEFORE you order.  That is your only protection.
I also suggest that you find some way to stipulate that they confirm your order and notify you when the order ships.
Unfortunately, as far as my experience goes, you will end up spending some time making sure that the company has a) received your order, b)sent your order… and you will have to contact them directly and repeatedly, (and not politely), if you need any information about your order.

All of that said, I did enjoy the first recipe I made with my Sea Noodles.


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