RAW FOOD REVOLUTION DIET: Finally, a diet book

I feel like I’ve struck gold!!!

I’ve been reading Cherie Soria’s The Raw Food Revolution Diet
today.  Written by Cherie Soria and two RDs, it covers information usually glossed over in other books which purport to tell us about the nutrition end of eating raw.  In this book, in addition to the usual introductory information about equipment and ingredients, we find reasonably extensive charts showing the nutritional properties (carbs, protein, fats, etc.) of numerous fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.  The authors speak to diet concerns of people who have already been through low fat and low carb diets, and are educated to consider protein, fats, and carbs as they relate to health and weight loss.  They discuss the importance of proteins and fats in the diet, and offer menus to help the user learn to achieve a good nutritional balance in the daily diet.

This book belongs on my reference shelf.  It pulls together a great deal of  information from numerous different sources, providing a one-stop source for most raw food lifestyle and nutritional information that the reader might be looking for.

In addition to all the valuable nutrition information, Raw Food Revolution Diet contains a number of very interesting new (as in “I’ve never seen them before”), healthful, and delicious recipes that will spark the reader’s tastebuds and creativity.


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